Monday, December 28, 2009

December 28,2009

Here I am in Yuma..... I arrived Sat. the 19th, and found a few wandering individuals already here. The Christmas Win rally didn’t really begin until Monday, so I had a few peaceful days to recover from the long drive getting here, and to get all of my systems up and running. I am enjoying reconnecting with friends that I have not seen since Feb.

I am really happy to be out and doing something beside being sick. The Win’s are an energetic outfit, and they seem to infect everyone who wanders into their circle. Wise doctors would likely prescribe two weeks with the Win’s as part of any recovery program.

I find myself impatient, and catch myself whining about having minimal energy. I seem to forget that only a few weeks ago, I had no energy..... half empty, half full????? Anyway, at this point, I seem headed for normal, and can’t wait to get there.

This motor home society displays an interesting dynamic that is similar to the social interaction that I remember from the “cruising sailor” world. People make friends easily, and interact completely at will..... no one is compelled to spend time with anyone, or in any particular activity..... you are not trapped by co-workers, your job, or your neighbors. Everyone is free to engage or avoid anyone. You are free to come and go without recriminations, and are free to spend your time exactly as you wish. The other side of the coin also warrants mention here.... others are free to avoid you as well.

As an observer of human nature, I find it interesting to notice the different ways that people (veterans and beginners alike) adapt to this unregulated lifestyle. I am particularly fascinated by my own actions when immersed in this environment.... a step toward self awareness, or confirmation that simple minds are easily amused??? I guess that it really doesn’t matter.

I will return to Frazier Park, and spend Jan. and Feb. working on my financial health. I have my last BK hearing on March 5, and need to begin a lawsuit against my health insurance co. I was unable to find a law firm to take my case on contingency..... I think that it is because my case likely falls under the ERISA laws, and there is no possibility of a large “bad faith” settlement. At best, I will be able to make them pay my medical bills.

I have a doctors appointment on the 5th of Jan. Which I believe is the first in a yearly search for cancerous activity in my necessary organs. As it now stands, there is only a 5-10% chance that my cancer has spread beyond my bladder..... Those are pretty good odds, and seem to have dropped the medical news off of the front page.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22, 2009

Hi all..... I am in Yuma, Az. and am having internet problems..... More when I get things sorted out.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15, 2009

Well, it has been 9 weeks since my last invasive procedure, and the only thing scheduled is a cat scan on Jan. 5. I believe that this is a record. For the last year, every time that I started feeling better, it was another debilitating treatment of some kind. It feels odd, and probably wrong, to be so focused on my “operation”, but, after all, this is a medical information blog.

I have noticed some improvement in the energy and endurance areas, and am thinking of visiting the WIN’s in Yuma for a few days. I am not sure that I will actually do it, but I am encouraged to at least be thinking about doing something other than being sick. This last year illness has dominated my life, and I look forward to changing that this coming new year.

As I recover physically from my illness, I notice that I still need to recover from my legal and financial hangover. When feeling really sick, I am able to ignore all of the side issues, but when feeling better, they come creeping back into my mind, and keeping me awake at night. I suppose that all of this is normal.

Nothing was resolved at the BK hearing...... I think that the judge uses time to punish people that cannot come to some agreement on their own. This issue will be decided by the judge on March 5, 2010. Opposing counsel requested a full day for the hearing, and claims to need at least 3 months to prepare. The biggest issue is the value of the houses.... What makes it tough and expensive, is that paper work, (appraisals and BPO’s) cannot be used without having the people that prepared them, in court to cross examine.

I found out that the opposing counsel is being paid by the hour...... not a big deal, except that he is the one who is trying to broker a deal, and is the only one that will profit from an ongoing battle. I think that it may be useful that the process is bleeding the debtors, but I hate to see money that could be used to settle our differences, being used to promote the fight. Maybe I should contact the principals personally.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8, 2009

8 weeks and counting..... I will be so glad when the passing of time will be marked by something other than a medical event.

Medically, I continue to make progress, slow, but progress just the same. My new bladder is becoming more predicable, and the holes in my belly are almost totally closed up. I am still tired and moderately depressed, but trending in the right direction. Energy, optimism, and humor are still missing in action.

Legally, I am still in the eye of the storm. BK law is complicated and convoluted, especially for beginners like me. I have 3 hearings scheduled for tomorrow, and am not sure if things will be finalized there, or just another continuance. There are 144 hearings scheduled between 1:30 and the end of the day.... doesn’t seem to leave much time for argument.

I want the judge to throw the houses in question out of the proceedings, let me foreclose, and start seeing some income. The debtor wants to keep the houses in the BK, and trickle out a bit of the money owed while waiting for the housing market to improve. The BK trustee, the guy that handles the estate money, and is supposed to broker a deal between the parties, stands to gain about $20,000 if the houses stay in the BK plan. (He gets about 10% of all money that passes through the plan.) Needless to say, he has sided with the debtor, and is opposing my motion for relief, and pushing for an unreasonable repayment plan to be confirmed. I feel a little out gunned, but who knows, David did beat Goliath after all.

I have put my insurance dispute on the back burner until I get the BK stuff sorted out, but am still trying to find an attorney to handle it on contingency.

I am making a conscious effort to direct my mind into a pleasant future...... reading/thinking about RV trips, BBQ’s, kayak adventures, and 4 wheel drive fun. I am hoping that my mind will drag me out of the doldrums.