Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 11, 2011

Wednesday the 12th is the 2 year anniversary of my neo bladder. My, how time flies. I have to say that it is working as well as can be expected.... not as good as the original equipment, but much better than the alternative.

I am mostly healed from the last surgery, but there is still a large pocket of fluid that needs to be dealt with. I made several attempts to drain the fluid, but didn’t have much success. The doc may have better tools, but it may be something that I have to live with.

This post is full of “good news”, bad news” stories, so don’t get depressed during the “bad news” parts.

At the end of August, I could no longer afford my medical insurance... I needed to go 6 months without insurance to qualify for the affordable, federal, “high risk” insurance pool, and it seemed like a good time to start the clock ticking. Uninsured, scary, but necessary.

I was also falling behind in my finances.... too many bills, not enough income, credit cards nearing their limits. SSDI had denied my disability claim again, and estimated 12 -18 months for a hearing date. Despondent and depressed.....

Then.....as if by magic, a buyer materialized for a property that I had owned for over 20 years. 2 ½ acres “out in the country”.... a place where I lived, off and on (mostly during domestic reorganizations) in the motor home, and a place for many parties and BBQ’s. A lovely place, paid for, but not income producing. The RE market around here is at a 20 year low. I was sad to sell, but happy for the little bit of money that the sale created. BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE..... this is probably the only time in recent history that the money from the sale of this property, is enough to buy a modest rental house. More income, a very good thing.

The sale closed on Friday, Sept. 30, what a relief... doing a small but sincere happy dance. I could now pay some bills, and stop worrying for a bit.

Monday afternoon, in the mail, from SSDI..... YOUR CLAIM HAS BEEN APPROVED. Based on a letter from my doctor, they decided, without a hearing, that I would not be able to do construction work, and my skills would not qualify me for a sedentary job. So, I get a trickle of money, (most of my income for the last 20 years has been Capital Gains, not Earned Income), and Medicare..... I can now afford to be sick again... Woo Hoo...

I also get back payments from August 2009. After paying the attorney, there will still be enough to get caught up, and have a bit for a rainy day fund.

There were so many times that I felt like giving up, I cannot describe the relief.

I pondered whether to include my financial information in this blog, and decided that financial and emotional issues are a huge part of my “cancer” story, and needed to be included.