Friday, October 5, 2012

Oct. 5

Hi all, Still kind of one handed, but not many other things that I can do.

I met with the doctor last Tues, and came away with some information, and many questions. I love that my doctor is usually on time with appointments, but seems to short change the Q&A segment. In addition, I realize that they don’t get paid much from Medicare, so must see lots of patients to have the math work out. Actually, I am somewhat surprised that these “top of their field” doctors are willing to see me at all. 

Anyway, it is not that he leaves before I can ask another question, but seems to be gone before I can process his answers. Here is a thought, maybe he is not particularly fast, but that I am getting slow...... seems like the more likely explanation.

Back to the main point.... medical information. The doc says that some of the original tear had healed, and some of it had torn again, and that I had an additional tear of the bicep tendon. OK, seems simple enough, but somehow brings up more questions. Did I really tear a tendon opening a jar of pickles? If so, I am now stronger than my connective tissues. Yikes..... while strong is generally considered good, that..... is not a good thing. Must I now put some kind of governor on my activities.... already limited in what I can lift, but now only 80% effort????? AT ANYTHING?????

Anyway, he certainly did more stuff than the first time. OK, I don’t know that for sure, but the evidence points that way. 5 small holes, same as before, but 2 are in completely different places than before. Also, there is an incision, about 3-4 inches long, from my arm pit up towards my shoulder. And.... this time, much more pain. Did I say much more? I meant \\\\\ MUCH MORE PAIN/////. Last time, my “happy juice” device kept me content set at 4-6... This time even settings of 12-14 were not nearly enough, and it ran out of juice much quicker. I gobbled up the maximum number (ok, maybe a few more..... prescriptions are always a bit on the safe side) of narcotic pain pills, and still nearly ended up back at the hospital. This went on for days.... I nearly had to threaten the pharmacists to give me the refill after only a couple of days.

The last bit of evidence is.... this time, longer in the sling, (don’t know how long) and 6 weeks before any physical therapy. I recognize that this may be the doc is just being extra careful because of the initial failed repair.

I will be seeing the doc again on Tues, and will try to gain some useful information.

By the length of this post, I am thinking that my brain is beginning to function again. I am at least able to focus on a project long enough to finish it. Thanks to any of you who managed to read the whole thing.