Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010

This week finds me mostly healthy and happy.

Once again an interesting weekend, and of course, once again I forgot the camera. But being the resourceful guy that I am, I imposed on my friend Carl to record the grand event.

The event was the wedding (yes, some people still get married) of my friends Kelly and Ellie.... Do not stop reading here!! It is not like a slide presentation of a family reunion.

The wedding was held at a friends (a very remarkable couple) house near the top of an 8000 ft. mountain.... 4 miles of dirt road, 3000 ft. elevation gain, way off of the grid, solar powered, and all self contained. As you might guess, snow plays a leading role in "Life on the Mountain". The pictures will speak for themselves. (Click on the pics. for a better view)

The ceremony, and a view of Lockwood Valley.... My land is located in the small clear area at the upper, center of the picture. Frazier park is to the left of the tree. (In true Frazier Park style, Kelly chose to go with casual dress)

View of Cuddy Valley, and the comunity of Pinion Pines (West of Frazier Park, at the center of Pic.)

View of the house from the East

View of house from the South

Solar power.... over 2000 watts

Very serious snow plow

8 wheel drive!!! actually rides on top of the snow

And me

All in all, it was a perfect day..... the ceremony lasted less than 5 minutes, there was plenty of food, drink, and conversation, and I could wear a t-shirt.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 5, 2010

Life goes on..... My attorney dealing with my health insurance problem, is in the process of negotiating a settlement with Health Net. He sent them a demand for arbitration, and they expressed an interest in settling up. He sent them the same information that I had sent them, but he also discovered that they would have to pay for the arbitrator, ($400 per Hr.) and he appeared to be the expert that he is. I guess that they try to avoid payment, and try to settle if they get pushed..... Once again, not in good hands with the insurance co.

It has been busy here in lovely Frazier Park.... this weekend, we had a renaissance fair, and a custom car show. Since I am dry docked, and not traveling, I always forget to carry a camera. It was the best car show that I have ever attended. Apparently, car enthusiasts love to attend car shows, and it is sunny and cool up here on the mountain. There were over 100 entrants.... some of the best custom/hot rod cars in the country. There were also 10-15 movie cars. The bat mobile, ghost busters car, the Herbie Volkswagen's, the dukes of hazzard car, etc. If I was traveling, this would have been a highlight.

The renaissance fair was small but nice.... it is their first year, and they hope to make it an annual event.

Last weekend, there was a small town festival in a community about 12 miles further out into the mountains. It was all about lilacs, but had a parade, finger foods, craft booths, and lots of people that I don’t see often.

I read many blogs, (vicarious living at its best) and I have to credit Randy (Mobil Codger) for inspiration. He always seems to “get the story”. No matter where he is, he finds something or someone interesting. I guess that it didn’t occur to me that “here” would be interesting. I am going to agree that it is all about attitude.