Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dialysis continues

This is my first effort to do something during dialysis. I don’t really feel inspired, but feel that I should make an effort.

Like most things medical, dialysis comes with many un advertised side effects. Let me say up front, that is not meant to be a list of complaints .....

The next day:

Well that is all the further I got. Yesterday, every movement caused my dialysis machine to alarm and stop the process.... Too much or too little pressure/flow in the lines....  Apparently this is common when using the port, and will not be a problem when my fistula is ready to use. For now though, must remain as still as possible during dialysis, and.... it is only 3 hours and 15 min,..... LOL

I am still not inspired, but will try to bring everyone up to date. I am now into my 2nd month of dialysis. It is not terrible, but it is a grind. I am very tired during and for about 3-4 hours after dialysis, and then there are the side effects..... itchy skin, watery eyes, and restless leg syndrome, and low blood pressure causing me to fall down occasionally. On the good side though, diabetes seems to be a non issue now.... go figure.

So, dialysis sucks.... but it is so very much better than death.  LOL Once again, not complaining, and am happy to be alive.

I saw my oncologist last week, and got some numbers regarding my cancer.....I am still at stage 4 at this point, 40% I am cured, 60% the cancer returns. This is mostly based on the cancer in my lymph nodes being alive, and not killed by the 4 months of chemo. Generally, if cancer returns, it will show up in the liver, lungs, or bones. My scan scheduled for Nov. has been moved up to Sept. 23. The idea is to catch any cancer in time for effective treatment. If the cancer returns, the prognosis is very grim. It is just a question of how long one can survive, and the quality of life during treatment.

OK, that was a depressing paragraph, but it is what it is, and, my situation is not tragic. I don’t want to die soon, but really don’t fear death. What I do fear, is being sick for a long time.

Oh well, no use pondering the future, it will be here soon enough. For now, things are going ok.