Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17, 2010

Hello to all of my loyal friends who still check my blog...... I fear that this blog may have lost it’s reason for being..... My health is returning, and health updates are less and less necessary. I suppose that this could morph into a general info / travel blog. I guess that time will tell.

I am now the owner of two nearly new houses..... WOO Hoo..... The paperwork was finally done, (a little over a year from the original default) and the foreclosure sale was completed on Tues. Morning, April 13. I am now busily cleaning and fixing, and trying to get these houses ready for rent and/or sale. It is good work for me, as it is not too strenuous, and I can rest when I need to.

I have finally removed myself from my “sick spot” across the street from my good friends Carl and Kathy. They can now see the mountains without a motor home in the foreground, and I am once again parked on land that I own. I have moved into the driveway of my new two story house that is for sale. 40 foot driveway, and 36 foot motor home.... with trailer hitch and bumpers, not much room left over.

For those of you that don’t have an RV, have never lived in super small space, and have never used your super small living space as a law office...... you absolutely must be well organized, and keep your living/working space neat... a place for everything, and everything in its place. It is best to straighten up every few days, keep your paper work up to date, and throw away all unnecessary items weekly. (One good way to accomplish this is to move your house every few weeks. This may be the reason that the Win’s travel so much..... just a thought.)

Now for my world.....

At my best, I am not well organized, neat, or prone to keep my paper work up to date. Add in being sick, tired and depressed for most of the last year, and include staying parked in the same spot for 6 months. In spite of the best efforts of my friends, what I had was a small living space disaster, and a motor home in crisis. I was way behind in routine maintenance, and I am sure that the legal papers alone put me over the recommended GVWR.

I will spare you the details, but I will mention that it took 2 days to get this old motor home ready to travel a few miles. I have now resolved, every 2-3 months at the longest, change my scenery and put on some miles. Yes indeed folks, an excellent reason to get out on the road again.....

Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010

Two weeks have passed, and I still feel pretty good.... My energy has returned, and good things are happening. The nightmare on Elm Street appears to be over. The opposing attorney has finally filed the order granting me relief from the automatic stay.... In english, the Elm property, that the debtor didn’t pay for, is now kicked out of the BK proceedings, and I can move forward with the foreclosure sale. I will now be able to sell, or rent the houses, and start to recover some of the money that was owed to me.

I have also found an attorney to handle the dispute with Health Net. He thinks that I have a good case, and is willing to take on this case on spec..... we don’t win, he doesn’t get paid. He gets one third of any settlement, which could have me winning, and still owing money to the hospital. I am hoping for the best.

I put in a septic tank on my vacant lot on Spruce Trail... this keeps my building permit alive for another year. I am also planning a short and easy kayak trip next month.

I feels so good to be looking forward with anticipation in stead of dread........