Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Survived again

It is Tues morning, still in the hospital..... not really due to medical problems, but a paper snafu. They cannot let me go until dialysis is organized, and that cannot be done until my “hepatitis” panel is completed. It takes 3 days, and was submitted on Thur, and should have been available by Monday. They can track it to the lab, but then “no trace”. So, another sample (drawn at 3:30 AM) submitted Monday, ready Wed.

I received dialysis on Thur, Fri, Sat, and Monday. I will have dialysis again on Wed, then likely get out of here.

I am healing well, but still feel wiped out...... normal for major operation, and normal for dialysis. They say that I will get used to dialysis, and not feel so tired..... can’t wait!!

I have collected lots of fodder for blogs, but am just too tired. Thanks to all of the folks that checked in on me, and made my hospital stay a bit brighter.

More soon.....


Lydia said...

Glad you know you made it through the surgery. I've been following your story closely and sending my support through the airwaves.
Love you and miss you. Hope we can catch up soon. Hugs,
Your niece, Lydia

Barbara and Ron said...

I guess you would feel tired. You've been through so much. Hope the dialysis gets less difficult although I can't imagine it ever being easy.